Milestone are usually cause for celebration. Apparently I'm hitting one today — my 10,000th Tweet. Since April 16, 2008 I've Tweeted 10,000 times. I didn't even realize I was nearing such a momentous occasion, one of my Twitter followers pointed it out, twice (thank you @RufioJJ).

So, should I celebrate? Is this a big deal? Is it even blogworthy?

I admit, whole numbers can be sexy, especially when they're large. But maybe getting fired up over number of Tweets sent is a bit overzealous. Self indulgent even.

When it comes to Twitter, I think there are more important accomplishments to celebrate. Here are a few:

  • Have you shown your followers who you are, and what you do? — Represent you, and your business, genuinely. Avoid being just a persona. Translate your knowledge, skills, passions and personality online, just as you would in person.
  • Have you cultivated a Twitter network of people you respect, appreciate, learn from and enjoy engaging with? — These people contribute, positively, to your day and make your time on Twitter worthwhile.
  • Are you creating conversation? — Are your Tweets retweeted? Are your questions answered? Do your jokes get "laughed" at? No? Spend some time rethinking ways to create conversation with your audience. What do they want learn from you? What makes them think, or laugh? Conversations strengthen relationships.
  • Have you been added to Twitter Lists? — Ok, so this IS a number benchmark. But the difference is that it measures how relevant your followers think you are. If they've listed you, they're paying attention to you. They've taken the time to categorize you, and your Twitter content. You've made an impact on someone (usually positive, not all lists give reasons to puff up). Have you looked to see who's listed you and what lists they've put you on?
  • Are you helpful? — Have you connected people, or companies, who can help each other out? Have you given someone a lead on a job? Have you suggested a restaurant for someone to try out in your city? Maybe you should. It's easy. It only takes half a minute.
  • Just like anything else, it's about how you feel at the end of the day. 10,000 Tweets or 10 Tweets. It's not how many you have, it's what you're doing with them. What are you doing with your Tweets?

Image: Flickr/KB35 (Creative Commons)