I'll make this short and sweet -- if you're managing a Facebook page for your company and run contests, sweepstakes or promotions, it's highly likely you're at risk of getting your page shut down. Why? Because Facebook has specific terms around how to run a campaign and I'd venture to say that 75% or more pages aren't following these rules. Curious if you're part of the 75%? I'll help you figure it out.

Facebook breaks it down for you here, but I'll highlight the four most common misuses of Facebook campaigns per their terms:

  1. You MUST use a third party app to run all Facebook contests, sweepstakes or promotions.
  2. You CANNOT ask fans to Like, comment or share a post or photo on your timeline to qualify for a contest, sweepstakes or promotion.
  3. You CANNOT ask fans to Like a post or photo as a way of voting during a contest, sweepstakes or promotion.
  4. You CANNOT notify the winners of a contest, sweepstakes or promotion through Facebook, whether it be on your timeline, their timeline, or private message.
  5. Facebook's terms are revised often so it's important to review them before you create and implement any Facebook campaign. 

Have fun!

**Note: Since this post was published Facebook has updated their policy around sweepstakes, contests and promotions. In summary, you DO NOT need to utilize a third party application to operate your Facebook promotion. You can read more about the current Facebook promotion policy here under letter E.