Sure, Pinterest may just be a lot of pretty pictures, but it's a social network, in case you happened to forget. If you're a member of Pinterest, there's a good chance you, and most of its members, are using it for what's it's meant to be used for — a virtual pinboard. If you're a brand, you're probably creating boards embellished with product — hopefully more.

But either way, don't forget about the "social" part, especially if you're a brand.

I ran across a really good example of company who's rocking their Pinterest presence. No, it's not any of these — although they're doing great, too. Think boots. Yeah, boots.

I decided to create a board of suggested things to do while in Austin for SXSW, and was pleasantly surprised to get a response, from a brand, to one of my pins today. Kudos Allens Boots! What did they do so right? Check this out:

They commented on my pin. If you're managing a brand's Pinterest page, are you monitoring Pinterest for brand mentions and engaging with Pinners?

They're not just Pinning product — their boards are fun. 'Cowgirl''Mason Jars' and 'Tailgating Fun' — to name a few. They've thought strategically about other interests their customers might have...a great way to grow your fan base.

And, they're sharing their Boards and Pins on Twitter:

So if you're a brand, and haven't quite figured out if Pinterest is a good fit for you, Allen Boots is a great example of how you might be able to use it. More than that, they're an even better example of how you should use it.