Whoa! Where did the time go? I missed my yearly 'Ode to #thinkndrink' anniversary blog post. Many apologies. Happy New Year!

So for those of you who have been dedicated #thinkndrinkers over the last three (yes! three!) years, thank you...and I miss you. Where the heck are you? Our little un-meetup seems to have gone through a bit of a lull as of late. It's ok, all awesome things need a break once in a while. With that said...break's over!

For those newbies, or anyone slightly curious of what all the fuss is about, you can read about #thinkndrink here and here. Or, here's the skinny:

  • happens every Friday around 5ish in Portland, Oregon
  • location changes weekly and is shared (usually on Thursdays) only through Twitter - follow #thinkndrink
  • sometimes two people show, sometimes 20 (once 60)
  • there is no website or email address
  • anyone is welcome, although most #thinkndrinkers tend to frequent the creative/digital/marketing scene
  • we don't wear nametags
  • you don't have to be a drinker (but we may heckle you)
  • networking does occur (and many people have picked up work or acquired new jobs through folks they meet at #thinkndrink) but you won't hear me call it a networking event
  • it started in Portland and, currently, doesn't exist anywhere else (although a little birdie told me there may be one ramping up in LA...watch Tweets from @SodaPopPR or follow #thinkndrinkLA for more on that)
  • Here's to three years of thinking and drinking! Hope to see you one of these Fridays.


* Thanks for the photos Nate Garvison and Tyesha Snow.