I can be two-faced, when it comes to networking. I like the perks — broadening my social circle, hanging out with like-minded people, getting away from the desk, and even hearing leads on new business opportunities. But I'm not a fan of doing the work. And by "doing the work" I'm referring to the stuff that happens (traditionally) at networking events — seeking out opportunities to (authentically) butt into conversations, launching into my personality and career sales pitch, eating and drinking (without overdoing it as not to poison first impressions), and the name tags.

So, I choose to un-network. I do it in Portland* every Friday. Ok, truth be told...not every Friday, but I could...if I wanted to. And so can you.

Four years ago #thinkndrink was born. It's a Friday happy hour meetup that brings together creatives, programmers, bloggers, digital marketers, social media strategists, and beyond. We meet at a different location each week and that location is usually Tweeted out on Thursday. We have no website. You'll see no name tags. Sometimes we talk about design, programming, blogging, marketing and social media. We always drink (whether it's a Cherry Coke or Rum & Coke).

There have been rumors that #thinkndrink is on its way out. Yes, it has slowed down...less attendance and less frequent. But that's the charm of #thinkndrink (and what makes it unique) -- it still happens if someone wants it to. Just pick a location and send out a Tweet using the #thinkndrink hash tag. Done!

With that said...join us this Friday (November 8th, 2013) at Bunk Bar for #thinkndrink. It's a bit of a celebration of our four year anniversary. But in true #thinkndrink style, it won't be any fancier than last week's.

*If you're in the LA area, Soda Pop PR hosts #thinkndrinkLA. Just follow the hash tag for deets.

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