I'll be brief.

Five years ago, almost exactly, a group of 11 strangers (brought together by 140 characters) converged, in person, at a bar in Portland. On that day, #thinkndrink was born.

Since that day, a lot has happened — in the lives of those 11 people and dozens more, in Portland, and in the world.

Since that day, and because of that day, lifelong friendships formed, passions were discovered, and careers changed, shifted, evolved and flourished.

Since that day, #thinkndrink has exploded, hovered and slowed. But on any given week, the creative class revives it...with a Tweet. That's what makes this "thing" and this town, awesome.

Stop by EastBurn Friday, November 21st to see old friends and new — designers, writers, bloggers, developers, innovators, thinkers, doers + then some.

If you'd like to read more about #thinkndrink, you can do here.


Photo credits: Andrew Kreps & Rob Alan & Ryan Weisgerber