#thinkndrink started with this. Six years later (and after a bit of a lull), we're bringing it back. Why? Over the past six months, a couple of things happened:

  •  I realized #thinkndrink had become something really memorable for me, something that gave me energy (thank you Gina Rau and Susan Clark for helping me realize this).
  • People started asking me about it: Where had it gone? Was it coming back? Could it come back?

With that said, we're bringing #thinkndrink back for its sixth year. Here is the lowdown:

  •  It's a weekly (yes, weekly -- Fridays) meetup between creatives, developers, programmers, writers, marketers, designers and various digital geeks (and beyond, meaning anyone can come).
  • We usually gather around 5ish and hang out for a couple of hours. There is no agenda, no name tags, no sign-up. It's extremely low-key -- we like it like that.
  • It's driven by Twitter (just follow the #thinkndrink hashtag or me)-- there is no website, blog, or Meetup page. Just follow the hashtag weekly to find out where it will be held. Usually it's at a close-in Portland bar. If no one bites, we'll skip it for that week. Note: there have been other people and orgs using #thinkndrink over the last couple of years; not much we can do about that. We'll keep the hashtag for now.

Join us on Friday, January 15th for the revival of #thinkndrink at 5pm at Cooper's Hall in Portland. Looking forward to seeing friends, old and new. Cheers!