If you’re on Twitter, you have a follow strategy. You might not know you have a strategy, but you do. I’m often asked about mine, so, here goes....

I break ‘follow strategy’ down into four categories:

I pursue people and brands who:

  • I like, want to support and stay connected to
  • are local (most of them)
  • are creative thinkers in graphic design, web and social media
  • are leading the way in sustainability and innovative eco solutions

I follow back people and brands who:

  • are all of the above and...
  • Tweet content that is authentic, genuine and inspiring
  • engage their audience, talking with rather than at

I don’t follow back people and brands who:

  • talk at their audience instead of with their audience
  • I don’t share something in common with (i.e. professional, hobbies, etc.)

I block people and brands who:

  • have no information in their profile
  • have no Tweets. (Tip: If you’re going to build an audience, provide some content, then pursue followers.)
  • Tweet only quotes, links, sales pitches, et al.
  • Spam me
  • have a frightening avatar
  • seem just plain weird

Do you have a Twitter follow strategy? What is it?